What To See In East Africa During Trip?

East Africa is a tour destination with various attraction sites such as mountains, lakes, rivers, vegetation, cultural activities, geographical features, wildlife, birds, fish and insects. Lake Victoria is the largest fresh water inland water body in Africa. It is shared between the three East African countries.

Uganda is home to the bigger part of this mighty Lake and also the source of River Nile which is the worlds longest river. With a tour package, you will have a chance to adventure and fish along the Nile and Lake Victoria by boat which will be a good experience. Uganda is the home habitat of over half the worlds gorilla population. This endangered primates are found in the Bwindi and Mghahinga National Park.

The two highest free standing mountains in Africa are situated in East Africa. Mt. Kilimanjaro(5,895m) in Tanzania is the highest followed by Mt. Kenya(5,199m). Your tour package will include hiking and climbing the two highest peaks in Africa which will be a wonderful experience, especially if its your first time. As you climb these two mountains, you will also enjoy game viewing of such animals as the elephants, rhinos, buffalo, leopards, lions and also some bird species. As you hike through the forest, you will see different indigenous tree species. The weather conditions in the two mountains is however cold and i would advice you to carry warm clothing.

East Africa is a real paradise with different bird species to watch and photograph. For instance, Lake Nakuru in Kenya is famous for watching the hundreds of pink flamingo birds. Other places for bird watching include the Murchison Falls, Kibale Forest, and Lake Mburo National Parks in Uganda. Your tour package will also include interacting with the different communities such as the Masai, samburu and the Turkana. Learning their cultures will be a great achievement since you will have a better understanding of the African people.

East Africa is also the home habitat of various wildlife species including the big five. However, Tanzania and Kenya are the most famous in game viewing, especially in the Serengeti National Park and the Masai Mara Game Reserve. The annual wildebeest migration involving different wildlife species is viewed in the two parks.

You can easily spot and take beautiful photo shoots of the big five in this two parks where animals cross to the Masai Mara and back to the Serengeti Park freely since there is no fence between the two parks. This wild animals migrate in search of food and water. The white sand beaches along the coast and Zanzibar are enjoyable. Swimming in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean is quite interesting.

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