Which Destinations Have Become Famous In Africa?

The most popular tours of Africa are currently those that concentrate on the incomparable gems of South and East Africa, regions that are politically stable as well as environmentally and culturally diverse.

Southern African tours, whether scheduled coach tours or tailor-made tours for the more adventurous, concentrate on a host of fascinating attractions in a range of nations.

The bone-dry desert state of Namibia will keep travellers entranced and is one of the premier destinations of dedicated African safaris with enormous sand dunes of the Sossusvlei, the stark solitude of the notorious skeleton coast and the Germanic allure of Swakopmund.

Luxury coach tours are, arguably, the preferred choice for the intrepid traveller intent on discovering Namibia, as the land is both vast and lonely and could be rather threatening should an emergency arise for the uninitiated.

Botswana is the land of the giants where the last remaining herds of African elephant still roam free in the Tuli area and where huge baobab trees dot the horizon. The premier game viewing locale of the mineral-rich nation is the world renowned Etosha Pans, one of the most verdant natural environments on the African continent; an environment literally teeming with the rich abundance of wildlife.

South Africa is often at the top of any visitor’s travelling agenda, primarily because it offers a wide range of activities and attractions that are both unique and diverse. Dubbed ‘a world in one country’ because of the markedly different regions that boast totally different climates, South Africa can be discovered on self drive tours or minibus tours that concentrate on one particular region.

Tourists often prefer to make one of the South African cities – Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban or Johannesburg – their base and then rely on day tours to fill in the blanks. With its great road network and a first world infrastructure, South Africa can also be easily explored solo.

The Mozambique Islands, Kenya and Tanzania are the chief destinations for consummate East African tours. All have thrilling attractions, like excellent diving, game viewing, hiking or simply chilling on powdery white beaches, and African tour specialists have both guided scheduled tours and more intimate tailor-made options available too.

The acclaimed Victoria Falls is also a perennial favourite with international and national travellers. Visitors can access The Falls from Zambia, but for an astonishing value-for-money deal the Zimbabwe option is the way to go.

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